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About us

The Databridge translation agency entered the translation services market in 2005. We specialize in the translation of non-fiction texts: manuals, contracts, technical documentation, research documents. If you are looking to translate a novel or provide simultaneous conference interpreting, then, unfortunately this does not fall within our range of services. The company’s portfolio mostly includes projects in the fields of information technology, the automotive sector, and the engineering industry.

Our cohesive team at Databridge successfully employs experienced executives, project managers, technical specialists, and linguist revisers. We cooperate with translators from all over the world, and we have built up a database of more than 2,000 freelance employees. Being so large, our provider database allows us to cover any job, at any time; and we can always consult a native specialist in the target language.

Our Aim

is to deliver our clients a high-quality translation. As such, each and every outsourced employee is subjected to a strict selection process, whereby we maintain regular collaboration with only the best candidates.

Our Clients

We have experience in providing solutions for Asus, Brother, Bosch, Dell, Epson, Ricoh, Xerox, Audi, Hyundai, Mazda, Mercedes, Škoda, Abbott, Bego, Ecolab, GE Healthcare, MSH, Terumo, British Petroleum, Emerson, Karachaganak Petroleum, Siemens, and Tengizchevroil. We also carry out projects for large foreign translation companies. They trust us with the nuances of their translations: you should give us a try!

Our Mission

We assist companies in adding value to their products and services for their customers by eliminating linguistic and cultural barriers.

After years of experience, we have arrived at four basic principles that have become our fundamental values. And these principles guide the company’s path through each project:

Customer Focus Respect for Partners and Colleagues Expertise Ongoing Development


The history of the Databridge translation agency began with one person.

Semyon Anisimov, the founder to-be of Databridge, graduated from University with a degree in Industrial Electronics, and qualified as a "Translator in the Field of Professional Communication" and ventured into the field of technical translation. In 2005, he put together and led a team of like-minded colleagues and founded our company, turning his long-standing dream into a reality.

From the very beginning, Semyon pursued highly ambitious goals: to work exclusively with serious customers, and to bring Databridge to the foreign market. To achieve these goals, there were several key conditions: ensuring services on a consistently high level; and an individual approach to each client. Semyon saw a growth crisis on the horizon, typical for new businesses, and took it in his stride, preparing to work with large order volumes, and developing the workflow processes. That now helps us to allocate time and resources in the right way, avoiding any rush, and ensuring our employees are not overloaded.

The idea of starting a business in a relatively small non-capital city frightens many people.

However, the city of Ivanovo can boast some advantages for starting a translation business that are rather apparent:

This is a city of universities and students, so we will never have a shortage of promising young professionals... and this has been proven to be true!

People from around the world live here, including Russians, nationals of CIS countries, and people from further afield. This gives us a great opportunity to work with native speakers of in-demand languages and broaden our portfolio of language pairs.

Since 2010 Databridge has been an active participant at industry conferences:

  • Elia
  • memoQ Fest
  • GALA (Globalization and Localization Association)

Our Team

Semyon Anisimov Founder

Semyon founded Databridge in 2005. The business idea of a technical translation agency married together two of his main interests, which turned into professional fields: engineering, and the English language. The founder of our company has insider knowledge of the translation industry: after graduating from university, he enjoyed great success working as a technical translator. After establishing the company, Semyon left his work as a translator behind, and put the experience he had gained to use, now for managing workflows and getting to grips with the most complicated of tasks.

Ludmila Zolotova CEO, Finance

Lyudmila is one of the company’s veterans who joined the company in 2007; she has been working at Databridge for over 10 years. She is our secret weapon in the accounting and finance department. Lyudmila graduated with honors, and saw excellent professional growth and development in her field, devoting considerable time to self-education and improvement of her professional skills. She progressed from her line position of junior accountant in a company in Ivanovo in 1996, to become the financial director at Databridge in 2019. It is worth noting that in recent years, Lyudmila has been putting a great deal of effort into learning English. That has given her the knowledge required to read into specialized literature and the relevant laws in the original language, as well as to freely establish communication with her colleagues during international conferences.

Maxim Gurylev CEO, Production and Development

Maxim joined the Databridge team relatively recently, in 2017, and was appointed head of the client service team. Being an advocate of a systematic approach to problem-solving, Maxim quickly restructured the work processes of the team, significantly increasing performance. He is now responsible for the organization of production processes, and oversees both staffing and the IT area. Holding a degree in "English language", Maxim has worked successfully in very diverse fields, from education to marketing; his rich expertise, coupled with his energy and proactivity, now work to the advantage of Databridge.

Yury Kuznetsov Senior Project Manager

Yury joined the project team in 2015, and it took him a few years to advance to become a key employee. He receives, processes and leads projects (his portfolio has already grown to over 5,000!). Yury holds a Master’s Degree in Law and he gained work experience at a large machine-building plant. His strengths lie in multitasking. His ability to simultaneously manage several tasks, show dedication and a meticulous work ethic makes Yury a valuable employee. For Yury, English is not just a professional tool, it is his favorite hobby; and Yuri considers traveling to be the best way to practice it.

Alexey Milyutin Senior Project Manager, Reviser

Alexey is relatively new to the company, though our executives quickly picked up on his value and expertise. Alexey speaks perfect German (as he studied in the University of Konstanz in Germany and worked as a translator at a Russian-Austrian company) and also has an in-depth knowledge of the automotive sector. This has largely determined his responsibilities: leading the Daimler AG projects. Alexey is an avid traveler and proponent of active leisure.

Maria Zimnurova Accountant

Maria is not only an all-rounder; from the very beginning, she displayed a strong mastery of the English language, which she learned entirely unsupported. On the basis of this fact and other points in her favor, she was promoted to Quality Manager in 2018, and now she occupies one of the key positions at the company. Besides learning English, Maria’s spare time is filled with extensive reading of a large variety of literature, both fiction and non-fiction.

Ксения Кузьмина Менеджер проектов, менеджер по контролю качества

Ксения начала свой путь в компании с позиции корректора, но уже через несколько месяцев пополнила ряды отдела проектов. На данный момент она успешно совмещает обязанности менеджера проектов с новой должностью — менеджера по контролю качества. Она курирует стажировку новых корректоров по разработанному ей обучающему курсу. Ксения имеет в своем активе два высших образования (техническое и экономическое), а также опыт работы в научно-исследовательской лаборатории, что помогло ей развить такие качества, как внимательность, ответственность и исполнительность. Ксения является постоянным участником интеллектуальных игр формата «Что? Где? Когда?», рассматривая это как возможность расширить свой кругозор и развить логическое мышление.

Юлия Малясова Старший корректор

Книги стали одержимостью Юлии с того момента, как она научилась читать. В подростковом возрасте в ход шло все, что попадется под руки: от художественной литературы до завалявшихся в деревенском гараже книг технического характера. В итоге любимое хобби стало работой мечты. В студенческие годы Юлия профессионально занималась пауэрлифтингом, тогда же начала интересоваться азиатской культурой и мифологией разных стран, в особенности славянской и скандинавской. В свободное время редактирует произведения на независимых литературных площадках и изучает корейский язык.

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